OHA Membership Information

Annual Reports

Membership in the Oklahoma Hospital Association allows you to tap into an existing and growing network of health care professionals whose concerns, interests and goals are similar to yours.

Primary Services

  • Representing members' interests at the federal and state levels, before members of Congress, the state Legislature, governmental agencies and other groups that influence public policy; 
  • Providing educational workshops that keep members up to date on the latest information, issues and trends affecting our industry; 
  • Providing ongoing communications with members to keep them informed of current activities and events taking place on the state and national level that affect our industry; 
  • Sharing health care information and data to assist members with internal management decisions or to explain a particular health care issue.

Additional Benefits

  • Preferred Partner Network — Preferred vendor network for Oklahoma Hospital Association member hospitals. This program offers several benefits to members, including information on companies whose products or services have been reviewed and approved and preferred pricing of products and services from participating companies.

Institutional Members


  • Type I Members – Short-term, general and specialty hospitals 
  • Type II Members – Federal government and long-term hospitals 

Health Systems/Corporate Headquarters

  • Type III Members – Corporate headquarters, mother houses, provincials, or similar entities of a health care system 

Non-Hospital Health Care Delivery Organizations

  • Type IV-A Members – Non-hospital pre-acute and post-acute health delivery and education organizations owned or leased by an OHA Type I, II or III member. Examples: home health agencies and other ambulatory care organizations; long-term and intermediate care facilities; and other health care delivery organizations. 
  • Type IV-B Members – Non-hospital pre-acute and post-acute health delivery and education organizations not owned, leased or managed by an OHA Type I, II or III member.

Associate Memberships

Organizations other than those that provide direct or indirect patient care or education.

Making Application for Membership: To apply for membership, contact the Oklahoma Hospital Association, (405) 427-9537, or e-mail: [email protected].

For information about dues policy and assistance, click here.