State Legislative Update: Prior authorization heads to the governor 

Posted on: 5/10/24

HB 3190 (Rep. Carl Newton/Sen. Jessica Garvin), which reforms the prior authorization process, passed off the House floor on Thursday. The bill contains provisions that closely mirror a finalized rule to improve the prior authorization process within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The House took up and accepted Senate amendments to the bill just before noon on Thursday. It now heads to the governor’s desk. Introduced this session by the Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians, the OHA and its member hospitals were at the table from the beginning and helped to navigate the measure through the process. 

Negotiations continue on SB 1675 (Sen. Greg McCortney/Rep. Marcus McEntire). The bill extends the healthcare provider rate floor in the SoonerSelect program and ensures competition in the marketplace by requiring a provider-owned organization to be awarded a contract during the next procurement cycle for SoonerSelect. By statute, the rate floor is set to expire on July 1, 2026. The bill also sets a cap on post payment audits by the contracted entities. Under current law, the Oklahoma Health Care Authority is required to set a limit on such audits but has not done so to date. The bill is OHA’s top priority as we race toward Sine Die on May 31, the Legislature’s final day of session. 

Budget negotiations continue at the state Capitol. Two budget summits were held in the governor’s conference room this week, with leadership teams from both the House and Senate joined at the table by the governor and members of his staff. This is the result of the Senate’s push for budget transparency, mixed with frustration by the House and governor on their push for an income tax cut. For those curious minds, you may watch the two budget summits here. Constitutionally, the only task the Legislature must accomplish by 5 p.m. on the final day of session is crafting a balanced budget. 

Stay tuned for action alerts from OHA as we head into the final days of the legislative session. OHA is only as strong as our grassroots advocacy, and we will need your help to close out this session strong. (Scott Tohlen)