President's Message

Posted on: 9/15/23


Workforce, health transformation and member engagement were the areas of focus the OHA board of directors tackled this week. Charting the future priorities of the association was a challenge the board took great lengths to discuss.

We started this week’s planning session by hearing from Mark Snead, a well-noted state economist. Mark guided the board through a presentation detailing the impact of hospitals on our state’s economy and how OHA can leverage the positive impact in our communications and advocacy.

Dr. Bruce Spurlock, president of Cynosure Health, a nationally recognized expert in quality and health improvement, guided the members through a conversation on how the association can lead efforts to improve health and healthcare in Oklahoma. We learned there is much to celebrate in our performance and certainly much to do.

Seizing the conversation on the good work hospitals are providing and ensuring our messages reflect our rural and metro communities was part of the presentation provided by State Sen. Roger Thompson, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Sen. Thompson challenged the board to drive home the important message that hospital leaders need to develop and foster relationships with local legislators. In response to his challenge, OHA will develop a member assessment to help determine member relationships with lawmakers and identify additional resources OHA can provide to assist CEOs.

The morning presentations provided a foundation for a deep dive into the focus areas identified by the member survey conducted last month. Building a strategy around workforce, health transformation and member engagement will be framed out by OHA in the coming weeks. The work done this week will allow the association to set its priorities for the coming year and set in motion a comprehensive strategic plan next summer. The key to OHA’s success will be your involvement in our broader strategy. At every level, opportunities to expand member engagement and embrace our rural members are embedded in the strategy.

It was clear from the OHA board that each member is committed to evangelizing the strategic priorities of the association and its focus on improving health and healthcare in Oklahoma.


Rich Rasmussen
President & CEO