Cyrano becomes OHA Platinum Underwriter

Posted on: 6/16/23

We are pleased to introduce Cyrano Video as an OHA Platinum Underwriter. Cyrano’s partnership will support OHA’s education programs and they will be a member of the OHA Preferred Partner Network. At the heart of this collaboration is the opportunity to reduce the complexity of video creation for healthcare leaders, freeing up their vital time and resources to focus on their primary mission – preserving life.

Cyrano Video is celebrated for utilizing cutting-edge technologies to make video creation a streamlined and effortless process. Through their user-friendly platform, complemented by advanced features, our healthcare professionals will now be able to easily produce superior-quality videos. These videos can serve as powerful tools to engage, enlighten, and inform patients, staff, and the wider Oklahoma community.

This partnership with Cyrano Video opens up new possibilities for OHA members, granting discounted access to Cyrano’s state-of-the-art video creation platform. By adopting this groundbreaking technology, our healthcare leaders can bolster their communication strategies, increase patient engagement, and disseminate vital information more effectively.

The synergy between the Oklahoma Hospital Association and Cyrano Video paves the way for OHA members to unlock new opportunities for collaboration, patient education, and community outreach. This partnership underscores our collective commitment to advancing the healthcare industry and delivering exceptional care to patients across Oklahoma.

If you are in marketing, public relations, internal or external communications, or c-suite level at your organization, this is your time to connect with Cyrano Video and its innovative video creation solutions. Please visit for more information or contact Shelly Bush at [email protected] to schedule a demonstration.

OHA member hospitals that work with OHA Preferred Partners benefit from cost and time savings, while being assured of continuous quality monitoring. Consider taking advantage of this valuable member service. (Shelly Bush)