SUNRx joins the OHA Preferred Partner Network

Posted: 12/8/23

SUNRx, a new OHA Preferred Partner, is an industry leader in the 340B administrative services arena.

340B is a complex program and SUNRx simplifies program administration for the covered entities in Oklahoma. Covered entities work closely with SUNRx to manage their 340B program and to help ensure compliance with federal regulations. SUNRx is one of the most trusted names in 340B administration and is exclusively endorsed by over 30 state hospital associations nationwide. The reason behind SUNRx’s success revolves around their ability to provide compliance leadership, excellent customer service, access to an extensive pharmacy network, and customer focused technology.  

Core services include both Split-Billing and Contract Pharmacy. Each of these services work very well individually, however it’s the overall combination of SUNRx’s expertise and technologies that really complement an organization’s ability to reach its full potential in this space. 340B can seem complex at first glance, and OHA is proud to be able to provide a transparent partner like SUNRx who allows organizations to feel at ease knowing they can have a successful, compliant and high-performance program. SUNRx is a leader in 340B administration, and they are ready to demonstrate how their 340B solutions can work in harmony with your hospital, allowing you to benefit from world class 340B compliance, and optimize the savings that can be experienced through 340B.  

SUNRx prides themselves on their investment of time and energy to build positive client relationships and deliver the 340B pharmacy services your organization needs.

If you would like to learn more or speak with our Oklahoma representative, please contact Shelly Bush, [email protected].
OHA member hospitals that work with OHA Preferred Partners benefit from cost and time savings, while being assured of continuous quality monitoring. Consider taking advantage of this valuable member service. (Shelly Bush)