OHA Preferred Partner, Qualivis, offers new services to help hospitals build a sustainable workforce

Posted on: 8/25/23


Your feedback to OHA has let us know that workforce is a hot topic and you are looking for strategies to balance staffing needs while reducing spend. Qualivis, an OHA Preferred Partner, recognizes this same need and has retooled their service lines to offer new solutions for today's environment. 

As a partner to your hospital, Qualivis goes beyond filling contingent labor needs and offers whole-house workforce solutions to optimize healthcare staffing and build a stronger, more sustainable workforce. Hospitals rely on Qualivis for holistic solutions that drive down costs while ensuring they have the high-quality talent needed to care for their patients. 

Qualivis has expanded their workforce technology and services offerings to deliver a total workforce platform including permanent hiring for clinicians and physicians, locum tenens, float pool and gig workforce management apps and more! If you would like more information about Qualivis, please contact Shelly Bush at [email protected].

Consider taking advantage of this valuable member service. Hospitals that work with OHA Preferred Partners bring revenue back to the association that is reinvested into your OHA membership. (Shelly Bush)