OHA Leadership Development Series

Accepting a leadership role is very challenging and complex and doesn’t always come with the training or experience that may be needed. First, there is the challenge of simply understanding what it means to be a manager/leader, and how you respond to that knowledge. This is closely followed by the realization that meeting the demands of the organization for high quality, efficiency, and productivity as well as compliance and financial outcomes is part of the position. New managers quickly learn that these accountabilities must be balanced with interpersonal skills as they work closely and collaborate with others. Making the transition to supervisor, manager, director, or leader is a significant step. This 10 part series offers topics including understanding yourself and your leadership style, critical leadership skills, and necessary competencies to manage new relationships. Leaders who attend this series will build skills and confidence in leadership, critical thinking, conflict management, and change management.

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3/13/2024 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Central Daylight Time
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