Oklahoma Hospital Managed Care Association

The purpose of the Oklahoma Hospital Managed Care Association (OHMCA) is to serve its members by supporting the development and knowledge of managed care professionals in Oklahoma Hospitals.

Membership Information

To be eligible for membership, one must either reside or work in the state of Oklahoma. An individual shall become a member of the Association after submission of a formal application, with evidence of meeting the criteria for membership and upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Active Members - An individual shall be eligible for active membership who has hospital managed care responsibility of an Oklahoma Hospital Association member hospital or system.

Transfer and Change of Membership - Membership in the Association shall not be transferable to another person. Members who change institutional affiliation so that reclassification of membership type is required shall so notify the Association in writing. Membership status shall be changed to the appropriate class within thirty (30) days of notification.

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Contact Information


Jordan Haygood
[email protected]

OHA Staff Liaison

Mitzi McCullock
Vice President/Health Policy & Finance
[email protected]