Quick Topic Reference -  Staff Contacts

This guide is intended to assist in determining which staff member to contact on various matters. Please call (405) 427-9537 for general assistance, or click on the names below for contact via email.


Accrediting Organizations - Emily Coppock/Rich Rasmussen
Continuous Survey Readiness (CSR) - Shelly Bush

Advocacy/Legislation Issues

State - Scott Tohlen
Federal - Rich Rasmussen/Scott Tohlen


Shelly Bush


Susie Wallace
Hotline (Weekly Newsletter)
Monthly Podcasts
News Media Relations/Press Releases
OHA Publications

Conference Center (OHA) Booking/Catering

Shelly Bush

Educational Offerings

Shelly Bush

Annual Convention & Exhibit Hall
Live Programming
Streaming Video

Emergency Preparedness

Emily Coppock


Rich Rasmussen

Board CEO Relationships, Effectiveness, Strategic Planning

Government Relations/Political Action

Federal - Rich Rasmussen/Scott Tohlen
State - Scott Tohlen
Political Action Committee - Scott Tohlen

Group Purchasing

Shelly Bush
OHA's Preferred Partner Network

Health Care Reform

Rich Rasmussen 
Federal Perspective
State Perspective

Health Improvement

Eric Finley
Certified Healthy Business
Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET)
Employee Wellness
Clinical Tobacco Treatment

Health Policy/Advocacy

State - Scott Tohlen
Federal - Rich Rasmussen

Hospital Information

Mitzi McCullock
Compensation Surveys
Electronic Health Records (EHR)
OHA Data Solutions (HIDI)
Patient Data
Statistical Information/Comparative Analyses

Hospital Payment

Mitzi McCullock
Managed care
Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC)
Revenue Cycle Management
Value-Based Payment -Mitzi McCullock/Emily Coppock
Workers Compensation (Medical Payment)

Hospital Surveys

Emily Coppock/Rich Rasmussen
Medicare Certification

Membership Information

Pam Wells

Nursing Issues

Emily Coppock

OHA Billing/Accounts Payable

Pam Wells

Organized Medical Staff

Rich Rasmussen
Bylaws/Rules & Regulations
Peer Review


Hospital Advisory Council - Emily Coppock
Licensure - Emily Coppock/Rich Rasmussen
Medical Facilities Services: Surveys; Health Facility Plan Reviews - Emily Coppock/Rich Rasmussen
Opioid Prescribing Guidelines - Emily Coppock
Rules & Regulations - Maggie Martin, JD/Emily Coppock

Patient Safety

Emily Coppock
Hospital Acquired Conditions

Physician Recruitment

Rich Rasmussen

Quality Improvement

Emily Coppock
Clinical Initiatives: Infection Prevention, Perinatal Issues
Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN)
Public Reporting

Rural Health

Rich Rasmussen
Federal Policy
Transformational Models

SHOPP (Supplemental Hospital Offset Payment Program)

Mitzi McCullock

Strategic Planning

Rich Rasmussen


Maggie Martin, JD

Trauma System

Emily Coppock


Rich Rasmussen/Emily Coppock